The Black MarketEdit

The Black Market is a strategic military option for nations which either cannot supply themselves with military goods via self production, or international purchase. Using the Black Market comes at a cost as the price of units are higher than that which can be bought from some international states. However, it does offer more fexibility for the Head of State as they have no need to worry about any arms embargoes which may be sanctioned against their state.

To access the Black MarketEdit

To access the back market, select the Army section found under the Army, police and Justice section (the third option button at the bottom of the screen) From here you can either contact the Black Market from the NBC tab, and fill out the contract as appropriate. Alternatively, you can select any level 3 military unit type, and create a contract from there by selecting the Black Market from the drop down list which appears, this will automatically fill out the contract information with the unit type you selected.