Here is a list of bugs and glitches in the game. If you know how to solve one please edit this page to add the solution.

-Game freeze: this happens to me regularly, but seems to happen at random. Sometimes after 4 years of play, sometimes after 6 months. I only have the 2008 GPS running in windows 7.

-Extreme growth and hyper-inflation: Usually happens after annexation, but I have also experienced it after being a "developed country" and donor in the world bank and IMF. What happens is that the growth rate becomes several thousand percent and the inflation starts to rise (interest rate increases doesn't help in this extreme situation). After a couple of months the numbers for GDP, income, etc. are extremely large and the game freezes.

Possible Solution: Hyper-inflation glitch starts to reverse for me after January 1. Don't know if it's a coincidence.