Cuba, Formally the Republic of Cuba, is a Caribbean nation inhabiting the islands of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, and a few more minor archipelagos. The island state is ran by an Authoritarian regime with Communist Political ideology.

Having once been at the forefront of the most infamous incident of the cold war, Cuba is mostly isolated and surrounded by nations it's on rather poor terms with.


  • Very strong exports of Nickel, Bauxite, Sugar and Tobacco
  • Although military is 1 star only, it is well equipped (high quantities of fighters, tanks, helicopters, missile launchers and cruisers), and thanks to conscription, soldier quantity is large and quickly makes up for losses.
  • All the power of a typical dictatorship (no syndicates, control over justice/religions/media/associations)


  • You need to import practically everything else
  • You start the game with sanctions on you
  • Relatively small GDP per capita limits investment in infrastructure, subsidization, public sector employment, etc.