Law SystemEdit

All laws in ruler of nations are simplified into all encompassing, average use of the law. Legalizing contraception will not go into details about abortion or condoms, it will simply assume that all forms of contraception are legal. Control measures for judges does not go into detail about what a judge can and cannot do, nor are there any ways to legalize drugs or any other "politically charged" topics. In addition, all laws are simplified into political left/right, freedom/dictatorship, state/individuals. Moving in either direction will cause 1 (or several) groups of people to become more hostile, while making another group happy.

All laws are broken down into a minimum of 3 separate choices to a maximum of 6.

Proposing LawsEdit

All laws that are proposed, whether tax laws or civil laws, must go through the parliament. They are then voted on, each party voting either yes, no, or abstain. All parties are uniform in their votes and all party members toe the line. If the party votes yes, all the party seats vote yes. You can see who is voting for what by selecting the law which is in the process of being voted on which will display: 1. The name of the law 2. The date the law was proposed on 3. The date the law will be voted on (or enacted for dictatorships) 4. A color graph of parliament with YES votes in green, NO votes in red and ABSTAIN votes in white.

The option to cancel the law prematurely is also displayed. Note that dictatorships simply display "This law is currently being drafted" and will always be put into effect on it's enactment date.