This page will list and explain all taxes in the game.

  • Value Added Tax

This is known to most people and it's usually called VAT. It's a tax on consumer products which means a higher price for your people. Also commonly known as a sales tax in the United States.

  • Income Tax

Simply the tax your people pay on their income.

  • Tax on large fortunes

Tax on wealthy peoples fortunes

  • Inheritance Tax
  • Vehicle registration tax
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Audiovisual tax

Tax on consumer products like electronics like TV and computers

  • Airline ticket tax
  • Employee Social Security Payments

This is a tax that is taken from the employees paycheck.

  • Employer Social Security Payments

This on the other hand is taken from the employer.

  • Company Tax --((Personal experience here, 25% seems to be a sweet spot, any less or more, and my budget excess shrinks)) Oniris --
  • Tax On company turnover
  • Tax on Petroleum products: confusingly named, this is really the gas tax. Or the Petrol tax for those who speak the Queen's English.
  • Liquor Tax
  • Win Tax
  • Tax on the pornography industry
  • Tourist tax on entering the territory
  • Deforestation tax
  • Tax on industrial pollution
  • Gun tax
  • Tax on Internet Access
  • Pet tax
  • Tax on redundancies
  • Tax on financial transactions
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Tax on gambling, lotto, racing, casinos
  • Tax on salt and animal fats in the agricultural food sector

A hint: unless your budget is seriously in the red and your facing violent protest etc or calls for you to resign, if you must increase taxes do so in a democratic state by 0.2% at a time. Anymore and the politicians start getting antsy and your popularity suffers.

Its best if you can to lower income taxes over time to 15% and raise your VAT to 20% as I've found, along with selling deals via trade, this is the best way to raise economic growth. Reduce inflation along with currency interest rates adjustments and then also keep tax incomes good. You lower their income and then tax them on their spending